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  6543 2872a04f27
UserProfile Page: Render Description (#12415) 8 hours ago
  techknowlogick 6ab4d76ced
Match GH with Commit page (#12425) 15 hours ago
  zeripath 33391e04fe
Prevent empty div when editing comment (#12404) 19 hours ago
  赵智超 8a6790b2aa
Add API to update pr headBranch (#12419) 19 hours ago
  silverwind e61c09ed73
Add loading spinners and mermaid error handling (#12358) 20 hours ago
  zeripath 5e5c893555
Need RepoID in the languagestat field (#12427) 22 hours ago
  zeripath 502e38c33c
Increase size of the language column in language_stat (#12396) 1 day ago
  赵智超 3585bb73ef
fix a small nit (#12420) 1 day ago
  silverwind 4d9f59a45d
Split up monaco's language chunks (#12401) 3 days ago
  6543 7b260acd7b
Add TOTP header to Swagger Documentation (#12402) 3 days ago
  zeripath 15300699c4
Fix milestone links (#12405) 3 days ago
  zeripath bac65f1b82
Fix incorrect error logging in Stats indexer and OAuth2 (#12387) 4 days ago
  6543 b3e06523c1
[Vendor] upgrade google/go-github to v32.1.0 (#12361) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot 999ae61d01 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 5 days ago
  Lars Lehtonen e4d6f2e9e5
models: break out of loop (#12386) 5 days ago
  silverwind 11dcc17763
Improve HTML escaping helper (#12383) 5 days ago
  silverwind 24f8625790
Various arc-green fixes (#12384) 5 days ago
  S7evinK bf60146444
Don't use legacy method to send Matrix Webhook (#12348) 5 days ago
  silverwind f6d5303e02
Add note to README about make parallelism (#12378) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot 838fef2ae8 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 6 days ago
  赵智超 7e96268fb0
Vendor update: github.com/yuin/goldmark v1.2.1 (#12377) 6 days ago
  赵智超 1f12dc8e88
Add action feed for new release (#12324) 6 days ago
  silverwind 2fd78c151e
Move jquery-minicolors to npm/webpack (#12305) 6 days ago
  zeripath 2f6aadffa8
Git 2.28 no longer permits diff with ... on unrelated branches (#12364) 6 days ago
  Gary Wang f2a6cd6401
Fix clone panel in wiki position not always align right (#12326) 1 week ago
  Kevin Schweikert f220286c00
Fix typo in README.md (#12369) 1 week ago
  6543 1de19e0c76
Changelog v1.12.3 (#12356) (#12357) 1 week ago
  Richard Mahn 8a36c46a7e
Fixes #12341: Release date should only be set to current time if draft or tag created (#12343) 1 week ago
  silverwind cd7f1fd72b
Remove padding/border-radius on image diffs (#12346) 1 week ago
  zeripath 63e5bf6ef7
Only use --exclude on name-rev with git >= 2.13 (#12347) 1 week ago
  6543 8bdc9795d8
Add name filter to API for GetMilestoneList (#12336) 1 week ago
  silverwind 78cbd0ca72
Update JS deps and linting config (#12295) 1 week ago
  silverwind 8d6fa00da0
Detect version of sed in Makefile (#12319) 1 week ago
  silverwind e67c042511
Add 'watch-backend' (#12330) 1 week ago
  techknowlogick bfb25e4be1
update chroma to v0.8.0 (#12337) 1 week ago
  silverwind 4315e313d1
Add mermaid JS renderer (#12334) 1 week ago
  silverwind 46ef562a16
Update vendored .gitattributes (#12322) 1 week ago
  silverwind 859094ef0a
Disable search box autofocus on issue/pr pages (#12229) 1 week ago
  techknowlogick e6c9f19b8f
Use url.Parse to parse hostname (#12335) 1 week ago
  6543 7ecb25b41b
Refactor: Remove Dependencies from Migration v111 (#11646) 1 week ago
  Wim 4609eba2e7
Fix ipv6 parsing (#12321) 1 week ago
  赵智超 415fc8288f
Show 404 page when release not found (#12328) 1 week ago
  GiteaBot d0c690f160 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
  silverwind 7cf23399a0
Rework 'make generate-images' (#12316) 1 week ago
  mrsdizzie ea1ed802a3
Fix emoji detection in certain cases (#12320) 1 week ago
  silverwind 8baf5ca228
Reduce emoji size (#12317) 1 week ago
  silverwind a3afb88f1b
Remove unused svg and improve 'make svg-check' (#12311) 1 week ago
  赵智超 7744b36e56
Use a small size repo for migrate test (#12300) 1 week ago
  silverwind 0186497e67
Fix input box value access on repo create (#12299) 1 week ago
  Alexander Scheel 4497db96e0
Auto-init repo on license, .gitignore select (#12202) 1 week ago