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SSH Thin Client

A simple script to create a thin client / dumb terminal based on SSH.

See it in action


This is theoretically compatible with any Linux system that uses bash and ssh, though it has been tested on Arch.

Set one TTY to autologin to some unprivileged user, such as sshuser. Set the user’s .profile to start this script, and logout once the script is done. Ideally, this will create a login loop, so once the user is finished with their ssh session, the TTY is immediately auto-logged back in.

All other TTYs should be disabled, save possibly one for maintenance / rescue situations.

SSHing to will su to the superuser sshadmin. This can be changed to any privileged user for maintenance purposes.

Additional Security

If at all possible, the BIOS / bootorder should be locked, so users cannot gain access to the machine. SSH can also be configured to record UserKnownHostsFile to /dev/null.

Future Features

  • SSH keys readable from USB drive mounted read only.