/home/coltondrg/.ssh/authorized_keys https://git.coltondrg.com/ssh-keystore/
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coltondrg? ssh keystore

This is a place where I store the id_rsa.pub files for all of my computers. An authorized_keys file can easily be generated and installed via the ./install script.

The canonical version of this repository is https://git.coltondrg.com/ssh-keystore. Mirrors are available at GitHub, GitLab, and others, but the original URL should always be used for everyday sync!

The static version is still available at https://security.coltondrg.com/ssh, if you must setup on a computer where you can’t run git or execute scripts. This service may be removed at any time, completely at random, because I feel like it or accidentally broke it, and I won’t bother to fix it.

quick install

clone, cd, install

git clone https://git.coltondrg.com/ssh-keystore.git
cd ssh-keystore

quick update

cd, install

cd ssh-keystore
./install --pull

The install script also supports cron. By running it with --cron, it will automatically fetch the latest commit and install without confirmation.

static authorized_keys

Download from security.coltondrg.com using curl:

curl -O https://security.coltondrg.com/ssh/authorized_keys

or wget:

wget https://security.coltondrg.com/ssh/authroized_keys

copy into ~/.ssh/ to install:

cp authorized_keys ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

For updates, simply repeat the process.

Other notes

In the extras directory you’ll find keys that are not included in the authorized_keys file generated by the installer script, but are kept here for dexterity anyway. Don’t install them, they’re not necessarily secure and are not audited as frequently as the others. There is also a mobile directory in which the keys for my Termux profile on my Android phones are stored. Don’t install those either, the keys were generated and stored on Android phones. The RNG was probably influenced by the Chinese, plus I don’t update my phones all that often.