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  c? 77425b39fa new phone key for nitrogen 1 week ago
  c? 7f694f0143 chromebook for now 2 weeks ago
  c? c57dbc38fd added extra key for kumin.drg.ovh 3 weeks ago
  c? 0626a3f9db revoked portal key and updated project url 3 weeks ago
  c? 1b7a496d0a Update 'README.md' 3 weeks ago
  c? b73c11e067 mi a2 lite 8 months ago
  c? 819f1bbf74 added permission repairing option for Fedora 8 months ago
  c? a833981378 cleanup time 10 months ago
  c? 546752c4a8 new (permanent) key for laptop 10 months ago
  coltondrg? 77d155a6a1 new (temporary) key for laptop 11 months ago
  c? eb06d5c33c Add 'mobile/shiro.coltondrg.in.pub' 1 year ago
  c? c29a9befb0 Reinstalled sayori 1 year ago
  c? fa1c8ae091 shigeo reinstalled, for good this time. 1 year ago
  c? 6637504ce8 Add 'shigeo.coltondrg.in.pub' 1 year ago
  c? 29885a4360 oops! that key got nuked along with MIUI 10 (Android 8.1) 1 year ago
  c? 9f9167794b Merge branch 'master' of git.drg.li:coltondrg/ssh-keystore 1 year ago
  c? 1ad7d42996 new phones, new Android, new Termux! 1 year ago
  c? 418973d128 Add 'extras/constance.coltondrg.in.pub' 1 year ago
  c? 7910092039 Add 'extras/win.kurisu.coltondrg.in.pub' 1 year ago
  c? 9d3428ccd3 you skipped a step, dumbass 2 years ago
  c? 58e36256eb regenned one more key 2 years ago
  c? 34348b2a27 huge rearranging network settings so many keys got regenned 2 years ago
  c? dc6fff89be --pull 2 years ago
  c? 331e628305 derp (again) 2 years ago
  c? 9342713274 derp 2 years ago
  c? dbae84faa6 update some readmes 2 years ago
  c? 363b791012 Merge branch 'master' of git.drg.li:coltondrg/ssh-keystore 2 years ago
  c? ebdd82fcc7 postinstall improvements 2 years ago
  c? d66a3a2155 added key for home portal 2 years ago
  c? 688b1e598e Add 'temp-coltondrg@galliumos.coltondrg.in.pub' 2 years ago
  c? 0b48478535 small changes to install script 2 years ago
  c? b71ce4c32d moved some things around 2 years ago
  c? 5455beca85 revoke some keys 2 years ago
  c? 0bfaf8c42d update copyright 2 years ago
  ColtonDRG? 319daf340f Added Google Cloud Shell key 2 years ago
  c? f29122e43e better parsing & cleanup 2 years ago
  c? cdca6a7646 update urls or something 2 years ago
  c? 6e245a73ae +x 2 years ago
  c? 1848274bfa some extras... 2 years ago
  c? dcea4a1840 update url 2 years ago
  c? 6c5518b745 better filesystem handling 2 years ago
  c? e9047d013b requires bash & postinstall supports arguments now 2 years ago
  c? 245a479346 does this even help??? 2 years ago
  c? a9bcc30fb5 install script self-checking (for script changing during git pull) 2 years ago
  c? d50712cd02 wooooona 2 years ago
  c? e65d07f507 winbloze key 2 years ago
  c? 9c460fb2bf the key for my macos install 2 years ago
  c? 3676735d0a Add the MIT license, for dexterity. 3 years ago
  c? 1a79d62e0f Cleaned up the scripts a bit. :) 3 years ago
  c? 788deed482 hashbang is cool :) 3 years ago