A simple program that allows installation of Doki Doki Literature Club mods on macOS and the associated build scripts
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DDLC Patcher for macOS

This project is a mod packaging tool that allows the developers of mods for the game Doki Doki Literature Club distribute their mods to Mac users with relative ease. We developed this tool because we noticed that installing mods on macOS was surprisingly difficult, especially on retail copies of the game.

What does it do?

The installer itself will simply ask the user to supply a DDLC.app file, and then unzip your mod into it. It does work with renamed DDLC.app files, but it will not install the patch into other applications. It is compatible with both the standalone retail copy from itch.io, as well as the Steam version.

The mod will be extracted into the same folder as DDLC.app for the Steam version or DDLC.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/ for the standalone version, so your zip file should contain the same stuff as you would include for the Windows or Linux version, especially a game folder containing scripts.rpa.

The buildscript will build a custom version of the installer application especially for your mod and wrap it up into a nice .dmg package that Mac users will know how to use.

Do I need a Mac to package my mods with this?

At the moment, a computer running macOS is required in order to use the buildscripts. At some point in the future I am planning to port the buildscripts to Linux so you will be able to build your mod without actually having to use macOS yourself.

How do I use it?

Clone this git repo using git clone https://git.drg.li/coltondrg/ddlc-patcher-macos.git

Add your mod's zip file to the folder with everything else. You can also put a custom icon.icns and background.png file if you like. These will be used as the icon and background of the installer. If you plan to change the background, I recommend using the included one as a template so yours will fit properly in the window. The grey box in the template is where the installer icon will be, but you will have the opportunity to move it during the build process if needed.

Edit ddlcpatcher.conf to include your mod's name, version, and zip file.

Run build.sh or double click on build.command and follow the onscreen instructions.

A final output file called ddlc-patcher-built.dmg will be dropped in the build directory, which you can rename and distribute!

Make sure you test your build! If possible, upload and redownload your build while testing it. macOS runs applications from the internet in a special security sandbox so even though the version you uploaded works on your computer, the version your users download might not.

Questions and Support

You are free to contact me by sending a DM on reddit to /u/coltondrg, or by adding me on Discord coltondrg?#8888. You can also send an email to ddlcmods at coltondrg dot xyz.