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  c? 24dc0088ae look at me, I rebuilt this for Minecraft 1.13.2 and didn't even test it, what a savage 1 year ago
  c? d3f2cd7b2e INCLUDE LICENSE IN THE DIST PL0X 2 years ago
  c? 93c6929018 read this! 2 years ago
  c? 129c21b32e deleted travis and added LICENSE to the build 2 years ago
  c? 5c63e84a7c Did a few things 2 years ago
  c? 3348cff3d9 Add 'LICENSE' 2 years ago
  Haylee Schäfer e263249980 Merge pull request #6 from Inuun/patch-1 2 years ago
  Inuun 1e3e520fb5 fix IndexOutOfBoundsException 2 years ago
  Haylee Schäfer e73b5486fc Update .travis.yml 3 years ago
  inventivetalent fd0e26acf4 move root directory 3 years ago
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