Mirror of the main YOURLS application https://yourls.org/
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YOURLS Changelog

This file lists the main changes through all versions of YOURLS.
For a much more detailed list, simply refer to commit messages.


  • fixed: type juggling vulnerability in the API
  • improved: several little things and several little updates
  • dropped: PHP <= 5.5 support


  • improved: some little things
  • added: some hooks here and there to allow more pluginness
  • fixed: some little bugs
  • updated: jquery and some javascript stuff


  • improved: stat graphs, regarding accuracy and time zones
  • improved: navigation in the admin interface
  • improved: several little things
  • fixed: several little bugs
  • updated: all third party libs
  • dropped: PHP 5.2 support


  • added: compatibility with PHP 7
  • added: allow hooks with closures (see Advanced Hook Syntax)
  • improved: you can now search across all fields at once in the admin interface
  • improved: bookmarklets are now human readable in the PHP source, and minified on the fly
  • improved, still not perfect: support for URLs and page titles with encoded chars
  • fixed: timezone warnings
  • fixed: cookie mismatch preventing login when multiple YOURLS installs on subdomains of the same domain
  • fixed: lotsa bugs
  • improved: lotsa things


  • added: support for PDO and MySQLi
  • added: social bookmarklets - share on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr in a click
  • added: check api.yourls.org if a new version of YOURLS is available
  • added: proxy support - install YOURLS behind a firewall!
  • improved: security regarding SQL injections
  • improved: security regarding your credentials - now auto-encrypted
  • improved: external HTTP request handling
  • improved: ƒυηкƴ UTF-8 titles handling
  • fixed: compatibility with Apache mod_security blocking bookmarklets
  • fixed: lots of bugs


  • added: مرحبا العالم! Hej verden! 你好世界! Kumusta mundo! Ciao mondo! Hello world! Translation API.
  • added: custom API actions
  • added: support for URLs with common protocols
  • fixed: search and pagination in the admin interface
  • updated: third party libs jQuery, ezSQL, GeoIP
  • improved: sanitizing and escaping functions


  • added: full jsonp support
  • added: ability to use encrypted passwords in the config file
  • fixed: support for http://www.sho.rt/bleh and http://sho.rt/bleh
  • added: support for any favicon dropped in the /user directory
  • updated: Google Visualization API instead of deprecated Google Charts
  • fixed: bugs, bugs, bugs
  • added: hooks, hooks, hooks
  • improved: things, things, things


  • added: plugin architecture! OMG plugins!!1!!1!
  • added: directory /user, config.php can be moved there
  • added: new “instant bookmarklets”
  • added: 1 click copy-to-clipboard a la bitly
  • change in logic: now all request are handled by PHP and don't rely on .htaccess
  • added: saving URL titles
  • added: support for prefix-n-shorten: sho.rt/http://example.com/
  • added: core plugin to allow hyphens in URLs
  • added: core sample plugin to wrap redirected URLs in a social toolbar
  • added: core sample plugin to show how to create administration page in plugins
  • added: core plugin to display a random pretty background
  • changed: layout now using a more consistent palette, see http://yourls.org/palette
  • added: anti XSS and anti CSRF measures
  • added: interactive map if possible in stat traffic by countries
  • fixed: lots of bugs


  • fixed bug no-stats-showing-ffs due to inconsistency in DB schema
  • improve error reporting with API method url-stat


  • fixed: bug in auth function
  • added: sample public API file
  • added: check in API requests for WordPress plugin when adding a new short URL
  • prettier sample public interface


  • fixed: base 62 URLs (keywords with MiXeD CaSe)
  • new & secure auth method for API calls, with no need to use login & password combo
  • allow SSL enforcement for admin pages
  • new API method: stats for individual URL.
  • prevent internal redirection loops
  • filter and search URLs & short URLs by date


  • added: an upgrader from 1.3 to 1.4
  • change in logic: now using a global object $ydb for everything related to DB and other globally needed stuff
  • change in logic: include “load-yourls.php” instead of “config.php” to start engine
  • change in DB schema: now storing URLs with their keyword as used in shorturl, allowing for any keyword length
  • change in DB schema: new table for storing various options including next_id, dropping table of the same name
  • change in DB schema: new table for storing hits (for stats)
  • improved the installer, with .htaccess file creation
  • layout tweak: now prettier, isn't it?
  • stats! OMG stats!


  • added bookmarklet and tools page
  • improved XSS filter when adding new URL
  • code cleanup in admin/index.php to separate code and display
  • added favicon
  • stricter coding to prevent notices with undefined indexes
  • hide PHP notices & SQL errors & warnings, unless YOURLS_DEBUG constant set to true


  • don't remember. A few tiny stuff for sure.


  • don't remember. Some little bugs I guess.


  • don't remember. Trivial stuff probably.


  • initial release