Bang! DerpMail webapp frontend
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The DerpMail webapp frontend.

Bang! loads DerpMail webapps inside a frame so that we can inject code and make other special things happen with our webapps, without modifying the webapps themselves too much.

Bang! also has some special UI features that allow it to be used as an express DerpMail Mobile Lite app for Android by simply adding any Bang! enabled webapp to the home screen within Chrome. Bang! also has compatibility with DerpMail Mobile Plus (or DerpMail+) to allow some special things to happen.


mkdir /path/to/my/bang/webroot
cd /path/to/my/bang/webroot
git clone
cd bang
cd misc
cp post-merge.example ../.git/hooks/post-merge
cd ..
ln -s bang/bang.html index.html

Install or symlink your webapp to bangapp in your webroot

Set the ErrorDocument 404 to /bang/404.html